increase footfall & drive sales, join our fwippin’ lucky campaign!

If you’re a UK retailer with a fwip retail station, get your skates on and sign up to our brand new scratch card campaign fwippin’ lucky. This exciting campaign starts in store at the beginning of August 2021 and will run until 30th November 2021. A super simple instant gratification campaign, it’s easy to get involved for both retailers and consumers.

increase consumer trials

incentivise product

drive new footfall in
to stores

The easy & instant reward for your customers!

Each fwip ice cream purchased entitles the customer to one free scratch card. The customer knows instantly if they have won a prize.

The free fwip ice cream can be redeemed at any participating store. Cash prizes must be redeemed by calling the fwip head office on 0207 247 0777.
Match 3 ice cream tubs for a free fwip ice cream
Match 3 silver coins to win £100
Match 3 golden coins to win the £2,500 jackpot

How it works for retailers:

Sign-up using the form below before 30th August 2021 to take part. To be eligible, you will need to submit your freezer serial number so we can cross check our records.

Each participating retailer will receive 250 scratch cards and a promotion pack including, an aisle fin, a strut card and A3 poster as well as a written confirmation of the campaign rules.

The campaign packs will start dispatching once a week starting 26th July 2021 until 30th August 2021. Social media and video assets for TV screens will also be made available to participating retailers.

At the end of the campaign, every retailer will be reimbursed for the product cost of the free fwip ice creams by sending all winning scratch cards to our 3rd party processing company. A free postage envelope is included in the campaign pack. Payment will be sent via BACS or cheque if preferred.


  1. Any UK retailers with a fwip self-serve station are eligible to participate in this campaign.
  2. The Portobello ice cream machine and the freezer serial numbers are required for eligibility verification.
  3. To register to participate in the promotion please register here. Only the first 400 retailers who register will be able to participate in the promotion.
  4. The fwippin’ lucky scratch cards are provided free of charge for the retailers, but it is required that the fwippin’ lucky campaign material (aisle fins, strut card and A3 posters) are displayed in store.
  5. One fwippin’ lucky scratch card only to be given to consumers when they purchase a fwip ice cream. Where multiple fwip ice creams are purchased in one transaction then the same number of scratch cards as fwip ice creams sold may be given to the consumer.
  6. In the event it is discovered that a retailer isn’t respecting the fwippin’ lucky campaign rules or marketing the campaign with assets they have been given, fwip reserves the right to exclude the retailer from the competition, retrieve campaign assets and charge the actual value of participation of £65+vat per site.
  7. Each sold fwip single serving ice cream entitles the consumer to a free scratch card. A Chill Box (3 ice cream servings) equates to 3 fwippin’ lucky scratch cards.
  8. Employees and relatives of participating retailers are not entitled to free fwippin’ lucky scratch cards.
  9. 1 in 15 fwippin’ lucky scratch-cards entitles the consumer to a free fwip ice cream.
  10. There are 21 cash prizes: 1 x £2,500 and 20 x £100. The winners need to contact fwip’s head office on 020 7247 0777 to claim their prize.
  11. fwip reimburses the retailer £1.09 for each fwippin’ lucky scratch card that entitles the consumer to a free fwip ice cream.
  12. The free fwip ice cream winning scratch cards can only be redeemed via our administrative partner MRM. Retailers must submit the winning scratch cards using the prepaid envelope provided. Please submit cards for reimbursement before February 28th, 2022.
  13. Please treat the free fwip ice cream scratch card as cash. fwip will not accept liability for lost, stolen or damaged scratch cards.
  14. Campaign duration: August 1 to November 30, 2021.
  15. In the event the £2,500 prize hasn’t been claimed by November 30, 2021, the campaign duration may be prolonged until a winner has been announced (maximum campaign duration March 30, 2022).
  16. The fwippin’ lucky campaign will be governed by English law and retailers submit to the jurisdiction of the English courts.

How to find your portobello serial number

  1. Pull out the capsule drawer (found at the back of the machine). Pull the handle out and up
  2. Remove the cover of the bin chute (if there is one, not every machine has a blue bin tube)
  3. Remove the bin (if there is one)
  4. You’ll find the serial number sticker on the right hand side
  5. There are 2 types of stickers
Sticker version A.
Here the serial number can be located under the QR code.
Sticker version B.
Here the serial number can be found under the barcode.

How to find your fwip freezer serial number

  1. Open the freezer door
  2. You’ll find the serial number sticker on the right hand side of the inside of the freezer, top shelf
  3. You might have to remove some capsules to see it
  4. The serial number has 8 digits and can be found in the box where it says S/N (for ‘serial number’).

Sign up here to take part in the campaign

How to find your serial numbers
We’ll now verify that you are an eligible fwip customer and forward your details to our logistics partner dispatching the scratch-cards and POS material. They will send campaign packs once a week starting the week commencing July 26th. So don’t panic if you don’t hear from us right away!

If you have any questions regarding the campaign, please drop us a note on
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